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TOUR DURATION: 08days / 07 nights.
DEPARTURE: The whole year.
GROUPS: All Family (customized service).

DAY 1: Welcome to Peru!
Arrival in Lima, reception and transfer by exclusive car to the selected Hotel . Opportunity for a massage before dinner.

DAY 2: Over the Andes to the Sacred Valley
The agreed time flight from Lima to Cusco – Private Car to the Sacred Valley
After a restful night spent catching up on sleep and a complimentary buffet breakfast in the hotel, we’ll bring your family direct to the airport for the morning flight to Cusco. It’s just a short trip, and the kids will be kept entertained by the dizzying views of the Andes out the plane window.
Upon touch down in Cusco, we’ll bring you out for a tasty lunch, before taking you to the Sacred Valley, where the lower altitudes make it easier to acclimatize. On the way out there, we’ll break up the 45-minute journey with a pit stop at the Awana Kancha Living Museum. Youngsters will love watching the masterly weavers here at work and petting the cute and cuddly llamas and alpacas.
Before long, you’ll be out in the pastoral valley among tranquil Peruvian countryside. Here, cows and sheep seem to outnumber people and the dramatic, jagged silhouette of the Andes frames the picture. We’ll drop you off at your hotel for the evening.
Remember, your Peru family trip is private and customizable, which means you’ll have a Kuoda guide and driver at your disposal. So if you want to stop for a family photo or just to give the kids some time to breathe in the fresh air, just say the word.
DAY 3: Past and present in the Sacred Valley
Private Tour of Pisac’s Inca Ruins and Pottery Classes and Fun Family Dinner
Today you’ll continue your family tour to Peru with a private excursion around the Sacred Valley, during which you’ll get to see how Peru’s long history still manifests itself not only in its Inca ruins but also in modern-day living here.
For starters, we’ll head to the Peruvian village of Pisac, where you and your kids can hike up to the incredible Inca ruins perched loftily on a ridge overlooking the colonial-era town. From this elevated position just beneath the clouds, you can gaze down upon the still-farmed agricultural terraces where the Incas themselves once toiled, cultivating corn and developing thousands of varieties of potato. Next, descend to the village to wander about its lively artisan market, where everything from handmade textiles to well-crafted ceramics, are sold.
We know that children don’t just like to look, but to touch as well, which is why we arrange for interactive, hands-on activities as part of our Peru family tours. In the afternoon, you’ll take part in a pottery workshop in the town of Urubamba, where you will learn about the ceramics traditions of Peru and make your own ceramic piece. That evening, you’ll dine at a fun, buzzy local restaurant where you’ll get to see traditional dances and costumes as well as listen to traditional music.
DAY 4: The Lost City of the Incas: Machu Picchu
Today, you and your family will conquer that most famous of New World Wonders: Machu Picchu. You’ll ride the train from Ollantaytambo, watching the cloud forest flit by the large windows, installation in the chosen hotel. After we settle in the hotel we will be able to go out to do a reconnaissance of the small town of Aguas Calientes and we will go to relax in the hot springs that surely this activity will enchant the children.

Your luxury tour of Machu Picchu continues after lunch as you and your family enter the sight. No matter how many pictures or videos you’ve studied, seeing the astonishing Inca stone constructions in person still somehow manages to have an almost visceral impact – surpassing all expectations. Your well-informed guide will take you on a private tour of the cloud-level citadel, explaining what’s known about the history behind this mysterious ancient city.
Return to Aguas Calientes that evening. Tomorrow will be at your leisure, so be sure to ask your guide for recommendations on what to do in the area before you go your separate ways.

DAY 5: Machu Picchu on Your Terms
Your luxury tour of Machu Picchu starts very early, where we will take the bus
your family enter the sight. No matter how many pictures or videos you’ve studied, seeing the astonishing Inca stone constructions in person still somehow manages to have an almost visceral impact – surpassing all expectations. Your well-informed guide will take you on a private tour of the cloud-level citadel, explaining what’s known about the history behind this mysterious ancient city.
That afternoon, make your way back down to Aguas Calientes to catch the train back to Cusco. When the train pulls into the station in Cusco, we will be waiting to bring you to your hotel.

DAY 6: Exploring the Imperial City of Cusco
Private Tour of Cusco and the Inca Ruins Surrounding the City
Meet your guide post-breakfast for a private tour of Cusco, a captivating city caught between old-world heritage and modern-day dynamism. Few travelers can resists falling head over heels for its charms. A walk here yields all manner of delights, from the Santo Domingo monastery, which sits atop an Inca temple that was once among the finest in the empire to the grand, warm-hued colonial cathedrals of Cusco’s central square, Plaza de Armas.
Next, venture into the Peruvian countryside and let the kids loose on yet another ancient site. Wander among the archaeological remains of Sacsayhuamán, where the Incas staged a great battle against the conquistadors. While here, you’ll see the vestiges of the temple and amphitheater of Q’enko, as well as the once-magnificent red fortress of Puca Pucara.
Finish the day with an activity that’s bound to please the youngsters (and any chocolate-loving adults among you!) by taking part in a chocolate-making workshop at the ChocoMuseo in Cusco. You’ll learn about the history of chocolate and about the production processes, from bean all the way to bar. Witness each chocolate-making step and take your pick from a variety of chocolate-friendly fillings to add to your personalized concoction, before taking your tempting chocolate treats home to the hotel. Things always taste better when you’ve made them yourself, of course, but remember, don’t eat them all at once!

DAY 7: Return to Lima / Thrilling light and water
Fly From Cusco to Lima. An Evening Visit to Lima’s Parque de la Reserva
This morning, we’ll take you to Cusco airport for your morning flight to Lima, the next destination during your Peru family travel adventure. As you fly through the skies, remember to steal the odd glance out the window to see the snow-dusted Andes give way to the coastal desert of the north west. In the evening, change into something you don’t mind getting wet as you’ll be heading to Lima’s “Magical Water Circuit”. Set in a city park, this fountain display is a surefire hit for families. Not only are the choreographed light, water and sound displays a marvel to behold, but many of the fountains are interactive – meaning you might find yourself playing among them and even running away from them. One thing is for sure, you should prepare to get wet!

DAY 8:  Return Home
Explore Miraflores and fly Home
Today, you’ll have time to explore trendy Miraflores, an attractive oceanfront neighborhood, and one of the city’s premier shopping and dining destinations. Catch some sun at the seaside parks, browse the boutiques or head to the arcades at Lima’s stunning cliff-side shopping center, Larco Mar.
When the appropriate time comes, we’ll collect you and take you to the airport for your journey home.

Our Price Includes:
The price includes all tours in private with private transportation and an English-speaking professional guide, entrances fees, accommodation in 5* luxury hotels, domestic flights 

Price does not include:

The international airfare to Peru is not included. 



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