Ica is a city located on the south coast of Lima. It is an oasis amidst the desert plains of Peru.
Ica is a great historical area's first inhabitants date back to 10,000 years old, saw the growth of cultures such as Paracas, Wari, Nazca and Ica.
The department of Ica is the only south coast consists of plains, also called coastal plains, as the Andes rises far inland.
In Ica are vast deserts, and the Lancha Villacurí Pampas, where the heat is intense.
 the Spanish conquistador Gerónimo Luis de Cabrera claimed its founding in 1563. As of 2005, it had an estimated population of over 219,856. The city suffered extensive damage and loss of life during the 2007 Peru earthquake.

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The Paracas National Reserve is a protected area in Peru located in the Province of Pisco, in Ica department. Paracas National Reserve was declared as such on September 25 1975. It was created in order to retain a portion of the sea and the desert of Peru, giving protection to various species of wildlife that live there.
Keep a sample of sea marine ecosystems cold Peruvian Current, Humboldt Current, considered by experts as the most productive on Earth, while maintaining environments used by a wide variety of migratory species for food and shelter during their long voyages annually.

The Ballestas Islands form an important wildlife reserve, with over 160 species of marine birds, including Humboldt penguins, cormorants, boobies, pelicans and, occasionally condors. There is also animal life, including sea lions, seals, dolphins and whales. The islands are off the coast of the Paracas National Reserve, 240 km south of Lima.

The Nazca Lines are ancient geoglyphs located in the Pampas de Jumana in the Nazca Desert, between the towns of Nazca and Palpa (Peru). They were drawn by the Nazca culture and are composed of several hundreds of figures ranging from designs as simple as lines to complex zoomorphic, and geometric fitomorfas are drawn on the surface.
Since 1994, the Committee of UNESCO has inscribed Lines and Geoglyphs of Nasca and Pampas de Jumana World Heritage humanity.2 However, in recent years have been severely damaged by the construction of the Pan-American Highway.

If you want to know all these places this is our plan

Tour description

TOUR DURATION: 3 days / 2 nights.
DEPARTURE: The whole year.
GROUPS: 2 paxs at least and 12 paxs maximum (customized service).

Reception and transfer to hotel. 10:30 a.m. Excursion to the Paracas National Reserve (Land Tour). The Paracas National Reserve is the oldest marine reserve in Peru and is of great importance because of the number of marine species that hosts, including mammals, birds and fish, as well as migratory birds. First visit to Museo Julio C. Tello (where we learn about the Paracas culture) and INRENA interpretive center (fossil remains), fisilifero Road, walk to the viewpoint of Flamingos or Parihuanas, Cathedral: rock formation, then headed to Playa Lagunillas: for lunch and enjoy a refreshing bath (optional). Return. 4:00 PM We're back in Paracas. Overnight in Paracas.

8:00 a.m. Ballestas Island tour (tour sea), which visited the Bay of Paracas (landing of General San Martin), Punta Colorado, The Chandelier (like wings geoglyphs Nazca lines), natural rock formations Ballestas Islands harbor a marine fauna, home to large colonies of sea birds guanay, Piquero, Pelicano Cormorant, Tendrils, gulls etc. Humboldt penguins, sea lions, dolphins, among others. Sea lions are very friendly and approach boats and swim around them. 10:30 a.m. We are back in Paracas, Ica and we left. We started visiting Ica Regional Museum ICA (mantels, ceramics, mummies), then headed to the wineries wine and pisco tasting (wine pisco). Finally we visit the Huacachina Lagoon, in this oasis in the middle of the dunes, we will buggy rides and practice sandboarding. 6:15 PM Transfer Ica / Nasca with Southern Cross. 8:15 PM Arrival in Nazca and transfer to hotel. Overnight in Nazca.

Early morning, transfer hotel - aerodrome, for relizar the Overflight Nazca Lines (35 minutes): take a plane to appreciate the full extent of the lines that continue to produce questions to the world, about their origin or purpose . These are mysterious lines in the desert of Nazca and extend in a radius of 50 kilometers of length a and 15 kilometers wide, all in one of the dry desert soils of the world, which hides brown colored layers to the view, stepping yellowish white and leaving a trail eventually. These lines discussed the studies and life of German mathematician Maria Reiche for over half a century, after which asserted that it was a giant calendar on the movements of the sun, moon and constellations. The lines represent animals such as the monkey, the hummingbird, the spider, the condor, the dog, the lizard, the whale and figures as the astronaut, the tree, hands, etc.. Time transfer to bus agency. Then visit in Chauchilla Inca cemetery. Chauchilla The archaeological site is located in a desert area about 28 kilometers from the city of Nazca. For many years the cemetery was looted by treasure hunters, who destroyed the graves and stole valuables (ceramics, textiles, gold, silver, etc.), leaving the bodies of mummies around the desert surface, which can be seen today in day. After exploring Chauchilla, visit the handicraft center of gold and ceramics. Time transfer to bus agency.


  • Transfers in / out
  • Motor Modern Life Jackets
  • Tour guide, shipment fee
  • Transportation, entrance tickets, 
  • Tax TUUA airfield, fly over the Nazca lines, 
  • Bus BED Paracas - Nazca, 
  • 02 nights accommodation + 02 breakfast

Lunches, dinners, any other expenses not specified in paragraph "includes"

How to get to Ica, Nazca and Paracas
By airway: From the International Airport Jorge Chávez (Lima) are air taxi services to this region. You can also find air taxi service flying over the Nazca Lines locally.
Ica has two airports.
Flight time: 1.30hrs
There are buses with daily departures from various categories. We recommend a bed bus
Travel time 4 to 5hrs.
The route is Highway 303 km



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