Arequipa is the capital and largest city of the province of Arequipa, is the seat of the Constitutional Court and "Legal Capital of Peru." Also known as the "White City", is Peru's second largest city by population, reaching 2013 the 852 807 inhabitants.
Arequipa is located at an altitude of 2325 m in the desert mountains of the Andes. This beautiful city is built almost entirely of ashlar, a kind of white volcanic stone. This is why Arequipa is called the White City. The main location, the Plaza de Armas is the most beautiful country. The Catedrál is magnificent shopping and galleries are in colonial style.

Suggest tours in Arequipa

Santa Catalina Convent
The most interesting place to visit in Arequipa is the convent of Santa Catalina. Built as a city within a city in 1580 and enlarged in the 17th century. This is probably the world's largest monastery. 450 nuns lived for more than 400 years, had no contact with the outside world. The people of Arequipa had no idea what was going on between the high walls of the complex. The convent of Santa Catalina is wrapped in mystery and silence until 1970 when a large part of the convent opened its doors to the public. Nuns still live in the area north of the resort.

Church of the company
The convent and church that was built in 1698 is a major tourist attraction visited, you can find ashlar structures made of volcanoes. Within this site you can see paintings Cuzco or school. His style is baroque type Arequipa. It can be visited from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm.

Colca Canyon
It is one of the major tourist destinations throughout Peru, commonly performed traditional celebrations, which shows crafts and textiles of the site, you can find hot springs. This canyon is caused by the failure of the Andes and the Colca River reaching a depth of 3400 meters. It is considered the deepest canyon in the world.

Tour description

TOUR DURATION: 3 days / 2 nights.
DEPARTURE: The whole year.
GROUPS: 2 paxs at least and 12 paxs maximum (customized service).


Day 1.- In the afternoon 2pm we start our tour of the White City of Arequipa where we visit: Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, the Church and Cloister of the Company, The Temple and the Plaza of San Francisco, tour of the San Lorenzo neighborhood, visit the Monastery of Santa Catalina is the walk ends around 6:00 pm

Day 2.- 8:00 a.m. pick up from your hotel will take the road to Yura , first passing through Pampa Arrieros and Pampa Cañahuas and observe vicuna, llamas , alpacas and migratory birds along the way. Continue Viscachani where you can enjoy a coca tea to help with altitude. From here we will continue the trip to visit tokras , ponds , wetlands and maybe some flamingos and ibis .
Finally , we arrive at Patapampa Pass ( 4,900 meters ) , the highest point of our trip , and known as the viewpoint of the volcano. From here we will see a chain of volcanoes that include Hualcahualca , Sabancalla and Ampato , the famous volcano where the Inca mummy Juanita (visible in Arequipa ) was sacrificed over 500 years ago .
From Patapampa Pass, descend to the village of Chivay ( 3646 masl ), capital of the region of the Colca Canyon , where you can have lunch and spend the night . In the afternoon , you have the option of visiting the Calera Hot Springs for about two hours . Water medicinal thermal bath temperatures of around 40 º C ( 104 º F) and are wonderful to help soothe physical ailments . At night have dinner in Chivay entertained by a group of traditional folk .

Day 3.- After breakfast departure to Cruz del Condor (about 2 hours drive), considered the best point of view to truly appreciate the vast expanse of the canyon and also the privileged place for watching condor. Then, on our way back to Chivay 'where you can find pre-Inca archaeological sites agricultural terraces, and stop at other viewpoints Colca Canyon. Pass through the towns of Pinchollo, Maca, Achoma and then leave Yanque to see some typical churches, craft markets, and see costumes from the region. Lunch in Chivay again before leaving for Arequipa. We arrive back in Arequipa around 5:00 pm.


  • Pick up from your hotel
  • Bus Tours to the Colca Valley.
  • Check Colca national park.
  • Professional tour guide.
  • Food (1 lunch / 1 dinner).
  • Check Colca thermal baths
  • Hotel accommodation
How to get to Arequipa
We recommend the trip to Arequipa by airway.
There are daily flights from Lima
Flight time: 1hrs
There are buses with daily departures from various categories. We recommend a bed bus
Travel time from Lima 15hrs.
The route is Highway 1003 km



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